Martin Dawson, Chief Technology Officer

Martin Dawson

Martin Dawson is the creator of Webcloak®. He has software development experience that spans over 30 years and includes the creation of the first Internet interactive streaming media products, LearnFlow and Xstream Media. Mr. Dawson also created the first practical audio delivery technology that enabled streaming audio and the viewing of rich multi-media content over the Internet. He has pioneered the technologies for delivering automated software updates over the Internet and for delivering interactive media to web browsers - years before Flash and Shockwave.

Mr. Dawson has designed and developed proprietary software for companies such as Microsoft, Intel and Citrix. Additionally, software created by Mr. Dawson has been part of a tool set pre-installed on Dell, Micron and Gateway computers.

In the early years of the Web, Mr. Dawson developed a software system that facilitated the delivery of encrypted applications and application data from a server to a client machine, putting him at the vanguard of distributed and SaaS (software as a service) computing. This technology predated Sun Microsystem's Java and Microsoft's .NET technologies by years.

While developing EACapture, a program that captures applications' user interface and user interactions, Mr. Dawson created software with the ability to attach to a running application and "scrape" or "extract" its input screens and data as well as mouse moves, clicks and keystrokes. Unfortunately, this technology later found its way into many viruses.

Martin Dawson designed and managed the development of the "LearnFlow" Internet delivery system and "Learn It Online" products for Ziff-Davis Education. According to Eric Hippeau, chairman and CEO of Ziff-Davis Inc, Mr. Dawson's technology is attributed with the eventual sale of the company for $172 million to the investment bank Wasserstein Perella Group Inc.

As Vice President of Software Development and one of the founders of Knowledge Quest, an early mover in Internet technology training, Mr. Dawson oversaw the development of all software and technology training content. While developing such software products as QuickStudy, Expert Author, Snap and Snap2007, he managed a team of over 30 programmers, writers and editors as well as all outside vendors.

These early experiences gave Mr. Dawson a unique insight into software and system vulnerabilities.

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