Webcloak Frequently Asked Questions

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Will Webcloak® include an email client?

We will be adding an email client in a future release that will allow you to send and receive email using Webcloak® and our SafeChannel™ secure messaging system. Of course, you can access your web based email.

Do you plan to give independent security specialists the chance to review your toolset?

All of our code and systems are reviewed for safety and security prior to incorporation into our "live" projects and our production code tested to make sure that it meets our strict standards. Many of our systems are based on open source projects that have been scrutinized by the open source community.

How much SafeCloud™ storage do we get and does it cost anything?

You get 1 gig of SafeCloud™ storage plus the additional space required to synchronize and backup your Webcloak® devices for free. We offer additional cloud storage at competitive rates.

Do you use Tor?

We do not use Tor. Tor previously known as “The Onion Router” relies on a network of “nodes” and layers of encryption. Your data is encrypted in layers and then bounced from node to node until it reaches an “exit node” where it is completely decrypted. The “exit node” knows everything about the data and the destination but you know nothing about the exit node. It could be on a Government server or worse! Tor end points have been hacked in the past, exposing peoples data and identity. We use our own “edge servers” in the cloud. Your data is encrypted using your credentials and is “anonymized” by our secure proxy servers. When the data is returned to our servers it is encrypted and sent on to you for final decryption. Here’s an interesting article - http://www.engadget.com/2014/11/18/tor-browser-vulnerability/

I have an old machine. What are the minimum system requirements?

The Webcloak® device will work on older machines with lower memory and slower processors. We have tested it on machines with as little as 256 meg of memory available. Webcloak® works best with around 1 gig of memory. No special video hardware or video acceleration is required.

What web browser does Webcloak® use?

We use a customized version of FireFox. We have modified it to be more secure and to use our SafeChannel™ messaging system. In future releases we will be offering other browsers including Chrome. We will also make new versions of FireFox available after we have verified their security and have added our additional safety features and messaging system.

What if I lose my Webcloak® password can you access my data for me?

No. Only you can access your files, passwords and favorites on your Webcloak® devices or in SafeCloud™. They are encrypted using your credentials and no one can access them including us. We don’t have the keys to your data, only you do.

What if I lose my Webcloak® device?

As long as you have backed up your data to a computer or in our SafeCloud™ you will be able to purchase a new Webcloak® device and restore everything.

Do I have to carry my Webcloak® device with me wherever I go?

No. You can have as many Webcloak® devices as you like and you can keep them synchronized using SafeCloud™, our secure cloud environment. You can keep one at home and one at the office and carry one with you wherever you go.

Is Webcloak® an Open Source project?

Many of our security components are based on open source work. We value the open source community and will be contributing many of our security enhancements back to the community in addition to some of our new technology when appropriate. The focus will be on releasing the pieces that will be most useful to help create a more secure Internet.

Do you support both 32 bit and 64 bit systems?

Yes, Webcloak® will run on 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems and hardware.

You mention a secure cloud service, how are you sure that your cloud is secure in fact that any governmental authority could force you to give them access to your data?

Our SafeCloud™ secure cloud storage is different from others. All of the data is encrypted using YOUR credentials on your computing device, not ours. All that we could provide a governmental authority is hard encrypted files.

What is SafeKeeper™?

SafeKeeper™ is our secure password manager. It was written in-house and is tightly integrated with our SafeWeb™ browsing environment. If you click on a link in SafeKeeper™, Webcloak® will switch to SafeWeb™ where your website will be loaded and you will be automatically logged in.

What is SafeVault™?

SafeVault™ is your secure, encrypted drag and drop file store that allows you to keep your most important files with you wherever you go, securely using top secret level encryption. Simply select files and drag them onto the Webcloak® application. You can also browse and search for files and folders, extract, rename and delete files on the Webcloak® device. SafeVault™ provides access to our SafeCloud™ secure cloud storage environment. Any files or folders that are created in the SafeCloud™ folder do not reside on the Webcloak® device; instead they are added to SafeCloud™ and are encrypted using top secret level encryption.

What is SafeCloud™?

SafeCloud™ is our secure and encrypted cloud environment. You can store files and backup, restore and synchronize your Webcloak® device in SafeCloud™. You don’t want to take your Webcloak® device back and forth to the office? You can have as many Webcloak® devices as you like and you can keep them synchronized using SafeCloud's synchronization feature.