My Webcloak device has hung up while starting for the first time!

First time save

Sometimes the initial setup can be interrupted by a message from your Firewall asking to approve access to the internet or your anti-virus. This can cause the device to be improperly configured.

Please download this signed application that will test your Webcloak device and will correct any issues that it detects. You will find this application in the 'SafeBrowser/util' folder on your Webcloak device as well. To avoid any issues its best to reboot your computer. This will insure that no remnants of Webcloak are in memory.

Click here to download the Webcloak Scanner

After downloading follow these instructions:
  1. Make sure that your Webcloak device is plugged in but not running (hold down the shift key when inserting your Webcloak device)
  2. Locate and open the zip file
  3. Decompress and run WebcloakScan.exe
  4. Select the “Scan, Scan now” menu item and follow the instructions
  5. If a “factory reset” is required you will have to reinitialize your Webcloak device
  6. If you do a “factory reset” and after reinitializing your Webcloak select the “Options, SafeWeb, save changes…” option and save your settings.
Still having problems? Please contact Webcloak support at or Click here to submit a support request.