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Getting Started - Please see the IMPORTANT instructions at the bottom of the page.

Step 1 - plug Webcloak in

Plug your Webcloak device into any open USB port.

On some systems Webcloak will automatically start. If Webcloak automatically starts then skip to step 3.

Step 1 - Plug Webcloak in

Step 2 - Launch Webcloak

Find the "AutoPlay" pop-up and select the "Open Webcloak" option.

If you check the "Always do this for software and games:" option, the next time that you plug in your Webcloak device you will not see this pop-up and Webcloak will launch automatically. This feature can make you vulnerable to malicious USB devices and is not recommended.

Click here if you don't see the "AutoPlay" pop-up!

Step 2 - Launch Webcloak

Step 3 - One time setup

Provide a password and select a security image from the list of images. The security image that you select will be displayed on all Webcloak prompts. If Webcloak asks for your information and you DO NOT see your security image then your system may be compromised.

Select a password that you will not forget. If you forget your password you will not be able to access your Webcloak device.

Step 3 - One time setup

Step 4 - login

Check your security image and if correct, provide your password.

"This is a trusted computer" - If you are using your own computing device or a device at your office then you may select this option. When checked, you are able to backup and restore your Webcloak device.

"Remember my password for this session" - This option is only available on "trusted computers". When checked, you are able to access your Webcloak device functions without being asked for your password. Certain functions such as "Locking" and "unlocking" or backup and restore will still require that you enter your password.

You have three tries to enter your correct password. If you fail you will have to unplug your Webcloak device and try again.

Step 4 - login

You can access the Webcloak menu by right clicking on the icon in the notification area (tray) or by clicking the Options button.

You can show or hide the Webcloak application by either double-clicking on the tray icon or by using the left control button and shift key on your keyboard.

Webcloak Tray Icon
Webcloak Tray Menu
First time save


Once your Webcloak device has completely initialized for the first time and you can view the browser you should save your Webcloak settings by clicking on the Options button and selecting "SafeWeb, Save changes...". It may take a minute so please be patient. First time save

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