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Cybersecurity When in doubt throw that email out!

At work, home and on the go, we are constantly receiving emails. Some of these emails are not what they seem. The bad guys are getting better at creating convincing emails that appear to come from your bank, credit card or other popular websites. Gone are the days of the poorly written and obvious scam emails. Contained within the email will be links to convincing copycat sites under the bad guys' control which will steal your personal data and maybe your money too.

If you don't know the sender or if the message is URGENT or offers FREE STUFF then don't take any chances - when in doubt throw that email out! Delete the email or better yet, send it to your SPAM folder.

If the email appears to be from your Bank, Credit Card Company or other important sources then contact them directly by going to your Web browser and logging into their site or contacting them by phone. Remember, no reputable company will ask you to provide your user name, password or any other sensitive information via an email.

When browsing and accessing sites always use a password application like Webcloak's SafeKeeper and always browse safely and securely with Webcloak's SafeWeb secure and anonymous browser.

Take back the Web with Webcloak for a simple, safe and anonymous Internet!

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